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Lolly tank - white black
to find regular width:
measure flat from pit stitch to pit stitch
To find stretch width:
Pinch ur measuring tape w/ the pit in one hand,
stretch the top by pulling the other pit Until
u find how far the other pit will comfortably stretch

to find the length:
measure flat,
from highest point on the shoulder
to the bottom edge
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Lolly Tank - white & black
Lolly Tank - white & black
$ 30.00 USD

Lolly design hand screen-printed in black ink on a white tank top.


The white Lolly Tank in black ink is usually always a thrifted base.

So the fit will vary but its width is usually within an inch of this size guide, and fits typically tighter than the muscle tank used to make the Lolly Red & Black top. When thrifting our blanks, we prioritize soft, comfortable and stretchy fabrics.

In your order, you may submit your own tank top measurement information for more custom sizing or fit preferences so we can find the best fit for you.

Each piece is unique and handmade. This top is made using new, deadstock, and thrifted blanks. If you have questions about our sourcing or sustainability please read our 'About' page.
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bby tank size Width (in) Length (in)
XXS 11.00 15.00 - 19.50
XS 12.00 17.50 - 21.00
S 13.00 21.50
M 13.00 23.00
L 15.50 23.00
XL 17.50 25.00
XXL 17.50 25.50
XXXL 19.00 28.00
bby tank size Width (cm) Length (cm)
XXS 27.94 38.10 - 49.53
XS 30.48 44.45 - 53.34
S 33.02 54.61
M 33.02 58.42
L 39.37 58.42
XL 44.45 63.50
XXL 44.45 63.50
XXXL 48.26 71.12
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