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Shop Signatures

Shop pieces are made with blanks sourced from 60% new & deadstock, and 40% thrifted items


Shop our upcycled pieces that are 100% sourced from 2nd-hand items.


Help us reduce waste by shopping our highly-discounted samples in the 'Sale' section.


Our handmade pieces are sourced from both new and thrifted items. In our shop's Salvage section, you can find the pieces are that are one-of-a-kind thrifted and up-cycled in our studio. In our shop's Signatures section, about 60% of our products are new/deadstock blanks and 40% are reworked 2nd hand goods. At the moment, the majority of our blank 'Staple top's stock are vintage deadstock tees. We try offer a sizing range of XXS-XXL but finding the same model vintage blanks with in such a wide range is near impossible. So we typically source different brand/model blanks that are as similar-as-possible in color and style for in each size. We put in extra effort to dig in local thrift stores for high-quality blanks with durable but soft, comfortable fabrics.

Every thrifted item has been properly sanitized. It is either machine-washed or steamed (unless otherwise explicitly stated, for example: not washed to preserve a vintage item with its original tags attached).

After placing an order, if you have questions about how your particular item was sourced, feel free to email us at

We ship our items in high-quality, recyclable and compostable brown paper mailers. Any plastic packaging we use is also recyclable and also made from 100% recycled plastic.


How long does it take until I receive my item(s)?

Everything in your order from the packaging and stickers to screen printed baby tees is designed and handmade with care. Sammi prints everything herself by hand. Please allow 1-2 weeks for production, and another week for shipping & handling.

What if I can't find the item I want in my size?

Custom sizing is available upon request. Having both inclusive and consistent sizing across all of our designs can be extremely difficult when our stock uses dozens of different brand blanks that are primarily sourced from thrift stores and deadstock. If you see something you love, and we do not offer your size please email or DM us on Instagram because we will try to do our best to make something custom in your size!

What do you mean by "deadstock"?

Deadstock refers to items that are no longer in production but sitting in a warehouse somewhere typically unused.  It is often much more expensive and time consuming to acquire deadstock items, compared to new ones, because they are by nature limited in quantity depending on the supplier. However, sourcing blanks from deadstock instead of new, is more environmentally friendly because you are utilizing pre-existing materials instead of commissioning the manufacturing of new items. This also prevents these deadstock items from being dumped into landfills like the majority of clothing stock will end up when it has been sitting too long unsold by a supplier or manufacturer.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We use USPS and ship pretty much anywhere except N. Korea. Amenity Ave is not responsible for additional customs fees, lost or missing packages beyond the U.S.

we sell clothes
not bodies

We list our sizes by measuring the clothes, not the people who can wear them.

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If you feel like just focusing on our clothing pieces, we offer a body-optional browsing mode on our website.
The site's default will include photos with people modeling our pieces, but these can be hidden by switching to 'clothes-only' mode.

1) Click the gear icon in the top-right of the screen
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Sizing Assistance

When you submit your order, you will have the option of adding a comment about your desired fit or measurements so we can find the best fit just for you. You may also request no neck tags, for our neurodivergent friends :)

If you have questions about finding your size,
the fastest way to contact us is to DM us through Instagram, but you can also send an email with the subject line "help me find my size!"
Fabrics & Materials

Typically, our blanks are deliberately selected for comfortable fabrics that are soft and stretchy.
Please check each item's details for specific fabric info.

Unisex Sizes

All our pieces are unisex.
Unisex doesn't equal 'adult men's retail sizes'.
We have made a sizing 'cheat-sheet' if you need an aid for a general size conversion from your usual retail size.

Baby Tee sizes

Baby tees will fit smaller/tighter than typical adult sizes, so if you do not want it to fit like a bby tee, size up!

Process &

We print all our pieces in-house, by hand.
This method allows us to craft each item as their own unique art piece. However, we are bound to make more mistakes using this process. In order to reduce waste, we list flawed samples that don't meet our standards at a discounted price in our Sale section.
Everything in your order from the packaging and stickers to screen printed baby tees is designed and handmade with care. Sammi prints everything herself by hand. Screen-printed items are printed by hand with water-based ink, then naturally air-dried (as opposed to flash drying or conveyor drying), and then heat pressed for proper ink setting.

Wash & Care Instructions

Sammi designs everything herself

Top Quality

We put in extra effort to dig in thrift stores for high-quality blanks with soft, comfortable fabrics.


to create timeless pieces that last...

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